The Great Wall Of Books

Besides fashion, Karl Lagerfeld is known to be a true book lover. It is said that he owns an impressive library that contains around 300 000 books… ( trust me I did not add an extra zero here!).

He is so passionate about his books that he is calling his new fragrance Paper Passion.
He also has his own book publishing company, Edition 7L, and runs his own bookstore, 7L, on the Rue Lille in Paris. Combining his two passions in life, designing and reading.

But this is not what I want to talk about today ! The main reason for this post is the designer’s Paris home or more precisely the walls of books in his Paris home …..Would you just look at that?  Its like I have died and gone to book heaven! This is my dream family room! ….. Ahhhh to be surrounded by books … lots and lots of books all the time?….. Heaven!

I thought that my Husband and I had quite a book collection until I saw these photos … he certainly put our collection to shame lol . Most of his books are about art….. I would just do anything to go and look through his art books, and design books…. and….. All of his books!

If this was my place though ( oh how I wish that it was ) I would :

  • 1st of all I would child proof the whole room…. even though I like the staircase it is an accident waiting to happen.
  • I would make the place a bit more friendly and inviting so that my kids would enjoy being there and get encouraged to read.
  • I would make up my mind wether or not to the put the cuckoo clock under the stair case ( you can see it in the 1st two pictures but not the third )
  • I like the coffee table so I wouldn’t change that….
  • But I would never ever allow anyone to stand on IT !….. I mean what were you thinking Karl ? Whose great idea was that?….Let me guess! its yours

5 thoughts on “The Great Wall Of Books

  1. Amazing book collection…but i couldn’t live like this…it needs some tidying, looks like too much clutter…but that’s just me
    If u get all your book collections from all your homes then they will be this big.

    • You are absolutely right about the clutter…… I forgot to mention that he should tidy up the place a little ….. how did that slip my mind?
      …. not sure if my book collection is this big even if i did put everything in Muscat…. hmmm maybe I should consider doing that !!! Will see !

  2. I liked the pictures… Just some modification from me 🙂

    ” With every book you buy, You Should buy the time to read it and Space to store it. 🙂

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