A Fathers Day Message

My kids wanted to post today!

Each wanted to write their own fathers day message to their dad so here they are :

Dear Baba

I am a lucky girl, to have a fun father like you.  I love when we play together . I love it when you give me gifts on my birthday and I love all the things we do together.

You are so cool and funny. You always make me feel happy and safe. I love you more than anyone in the world…. I love you more than Moodi loves you

Happy fathers day and I hope you enjoy your special day today



Dear Baba

I hop you will injoy yor day.

Thank you for working hard for us

Thank you for bying me a lot of wii gams

Thank you for downloding movys for us

You are viry kind.

You always say OK when mama says No.

You always tak us to the beech.

 You always mak me happy.

I lov you mor than Meemo lovs you

I lov you baba you are the best




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