Wake up and smell the Coffee !

Today I would like to talk to you about an addictive and energizing bean known as Coffee!. As a mother and a wife my morning coffee plays a crucial role in my life!  It is my sanity, and it is my 10 minutes of piece before my day starts…

Here are 10 examples of how Coffee helps people in their professional lives :

  • Students have coffee to stay up all night to finish a last minute project that is due the next morning ( who among us hasn’t done that? )
  • Husbands have it while waiting for their wives to get ready ( this usually takes a long time )
  • Wives have it while waiting for their husbands to finish watching their game ( this usually takes an even longer time )
  • Women have it while waiting for a date in a nearby restaurant ( when they don’t want to appear too eager by arriving early)
  • Men on the other hand have it while waiting for their date ( they arrive early in order to appear like gentlemen )
  • Bored people drink it while people-watching ( when they are bored from watching TV )
  • Shopaholics have it while having a break between shopping ( Basically having a break from one addiction by enjoying the other )
  • Spies pretend that they are having it when spying on someone ( they pair it with a newspaper, a rain coat and some dark shades to complete their disguise )
  • Policemen use it for stakeouts ( with doughnuts ofcouse )
  • Employees have it when venting about their boss ( or so I’ve heard! )

So come on go ahead and pour your self a cup ….. you know you want to !

To make sure that all of us get our coffees just right I searched the internet long and hard (not really) and I came across this cool poster……I Think that I ll print it out and frame it right next to my coffee machine.

 I must say that the difference between the Cafe Latte and the Cappuccino is ridiculous lol

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