Happy Birthday SimSim

Two years ago my sister and my brother in-law were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I already knew how a mother would feel like after seeing her baby for the 1st time ( I was already a mother by then ) but I never knew how an aunt would feel. To be honest the thought of it never even occurred to me! …. It never occurred to me until the 1st moment I laid my eyes on my nephew …. it only hit me when I looked at him …..I was pleasantly surprised … I never knew that an aunt could just fall in love with her nephew so much so soon ! … but fall in love with him I did …. What can I say?  We all did….still do …… and always will.
Happy Birthday our dearest and cutest Simsim hope your future will be as bright as your smile and hope that it will be filled with happiness In Sha Allah.


If your folks ever upset you , you can always come and move in with us 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday SimSim

  1. Happy Birthday Simsim! 😀
    May your life always be filled with happiness, good health, and success & may all your dreams come true…love u so much xoxo

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