Who stole Mona Lisa’s thunder?

My husband loves vintage sports cars and I must admit that a bit of that rubbed on me as well … so you must imagine my excitement when I found out that one of my favorite designers Ralph Lauren is exhibiting  17 vintage sports cars from his collection at The Louvre this summer till the 28th of Aug.

I think that The Louvre is the perfect museum  to showcase Ralph Lauren’s vintage cars as design objects and as art …. I am really excited about this and I’m sure that our kids will enjoy a day at the louvre as well !!! … hmm  I think that while we are there we will also pay Mona a viste … just so that she doesn’t feel left out 😉

Just thought that I’d add a pic of my dream car here . A 1958 300SL … A girl can dream right?

5 thoughts on “Who stole Mona Lisa’s thunder?

  1. That sounds really exciting…and very new to the louvre!…. miss my second home…the louvre that is hehe, i’ve spent more time there than anywhere else in Paris lol… can’t wait to hear all about the show 🙂

    • Yes you knew that place inside out … I remember your Sunday or was it Saturday routine! walking around the louvre breathing in all the art and then brunch at their restaurant …. you used to drag me with you when I came to visit …. miss those days

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