Thank you Norah Jones and Elmo!

As you can see from my late night post that I’m still up!! My little one ( who just turned 1 in march) walk up in the middle of the night and would just not go back to sleep no matter what I did ….. She rarely wakes up at night and if she does its usually just for milk….. but today she wanted to play!!! …… So while I was desperately searching on You Tube for some lullaby that would help to put her back to sleep I came across  something that we would both love !!  Norah Jones and Elmo!!!

My favorite song of all times is ” I don’t know why?” by Norah Jones …It puts me in a good mood and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it…….And my daughter’s favorite character  is  Elmo … It puts her in a good mood and puts a smile on her face every time she sees him ! …. At around 1 30 am this desperate mother was over the moon! I knew that it would be the right song for both of us. It will relax us and will put a smile on her face while falling asleep 😉

I loved how they changed the lyrics a bit .. so cute! I almost like it as much as the real version!!! ….Almost!

Here are the lyrics of the real version.

So which one do you prefer?


6 thoughts on “Thank you Norah Jones and Elmo!

  1. Loved the kids version…so cute i can imagine mimi singing that lool with her baby language of course lol….can’t decide which one i love, love them both hehe

  2. Today I put it on for her again… but she didn’t enjoy it as much!!! …. she wanted me to put “The Elmo Song” …well what can I say I have a long way to go to brain wash this one into loving Jazz ………and Classic music ofcourse!!!

  3. lool now i can’t get that Elomo song out of my head :S
    i remember how moodi used to close his eyes in contemplation when listening to classical music and he was just 1 or 2 i think lool so cute!

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