My 1st Post!

Everyone remembers how they felt the 1st moment when experiencing or starting something new!! For example people will always remember the 1st time they fell in love, the 1st time they went on a date , the 1st time they held hands , their 1st kiss ,their 1st car, their 1st place … or even their 1st post!!!…. (Yes I’m actually comparing those experiences with my 1st post… I am THAT excited !!!) …..Anyways to make things short here is what I ll remember from my very 1st post!!

1. I’ll remember being clueless….As you might have noticed I have no idea where to start from!

2. I’ll remember being nervous ….. I have no idea where this blog will take me… or if it will actually take me anywhere

3. I’ll remember being scared ….who will read my blog? I mean other than my sisters ,my brothers, my close friends and my husband (who will all be forced to read this blog !!!) I don’t see anyone else reading it !!!!!

4. I’ll remember having mixed feelings!!!… so what if people don’t read my blog? One of the main reasons I’ve decided to blog is to share some ideas and some experiences with the people I love so that should be more than enough for me . Right?…. Right.

5. Most of all I will remember being EXCITED … I have a whole new world to experience , a whole new world to learn from , a whole new way of sharing my thoughts & expressing my self ……and I just cant wait to get started.

17 thoughts on “My 1st Post!

  1. I’m so excited to see your new blog, i’m sure it won’t be just us sisters and my brother-in-law lol…you always have great ideas to share, vey creative and have great taste…you’ll inspire many just like you’ve always inspired me πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. Could not be more excited for you dear friend! I am looking forward following your exciting journey ahead! With lots of love and best wishes of luck!

  3. Hey sis!!!
    I’m sure people will read your blog if you post something worth reading hehehe XP
    I love this…eventhough I’m your sis, I still want to learn more about you and hope this brings us closer together…LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Sooo excited for you, i think this is a brilliant idea!!
    I’ll surely read your future posts, no forcing required!!

    Good luck sissss

  5. Rasss!!!!!! Excellent idea!!!! Waiting for more posts!!! Yalla hurry…….
    Big Big Hugs and Lots of Kisses.
    Ta Copine πŸ™‚

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