No More Diet Coke For Me!

I consider my self a healthy person… I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I eat healthy, I take my vitamins but there is one thing that I just cannot give up!!!!  I am a Diet Coke addict … have been all of my life!!! … I know alllll the harmful effects etc and that never bothered me … Well till now at least …. My kids are growing up and watch every move I make and copy me in everything I do … I don’t want them to copy me in this unhealthy habit…. so I have decided to stop it for good before it is too late ( before they start this nasty habit )…. for their sake and mine ….

I found this diagram on the net and printed it out to sit and discuss with them the harmful effects of Diet Coke on our bodies

I am having my last Diet Coke while writing this post…I’m having small sips …. and sadly am enjoying every bit of it !…( pathetic I know )
Good bye my dear friend …We have been through a lot … you were always with me…. and  I know that I will miss you a lot !…. but fear not my old friend for I will not abandon you !!!
Here are new ways for me to use you

  • Phosphoric acid ( which is one of your ingredients ) is used in construction work to remove mineral deposits and hard water stains…. so I will use you to do the same at home!
  • You have the power to strip polished wood surfaces.
  • The citric acid in you removes stains from toilets, so I will just pour you in and and wait for you to get the job done!
  • You can clean the corrosion from our car battery…
  • You can remove grease from clothes so I will simply pour you over the grease before putting the clothes in the washing machine!
  • Last but not least you can neutralizes the sting of a jelly fish…. so I will take you with us on our boat trips how great is that?

A Vacation House in Spain

I simply adore this summer house…. I love its architecture and design. It is so relaxing to look at ( I am sure that it would be even more relaxing to live in)….and yet it is bursting with energy at the same time! I love that white is the dominating colour in the whole house, because it made the few drops of color here and there stand out more.

I have to say that my favorite space in the whole house is the rooftop …. I can almost picture my husband and I there with our family and friends in Ramadan playing cards and nibbling on food with Um Kulthoom playing at the back ground !

The Sotogrande House is designed by A-cero Architectural Studio

via Sotogrande Vacation House in Spain.

Dior Commercials

Sofia Coppola is not only one of my style icons but she is one of my favorite directors as well. She Directed two commercials for Miss Dior Cherie …. Although I Like both commercials I prefer the older one ….  It was her 1st ever commercial to direct …I love the colours and the atmosphere here much more!…  I love the fact that it is so feminine yet it still maintains that “IT Girl” cool edge at the same time ……And I just love the song that she has chosen here ” Moi Je Joue ” by non other than the french “IT Girl” Brigitte Bardot.

The following commercial for Dior Homme came out in Sept 2010. It’s directed by Guy Ritchie and stars The 1950s Mercedes 300 SL ……. Oh and Jude Law ofcourse !

After Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie and Jude Law reunited to make this commercial. They were basically given carte blanche and came up with a short film type of a commercial that reminds me of the classic crime thrillers of the 1950s…..The Guy Ritchie touch is unmistakable here, so dubious yet so graceful at the same time. And I must say that Jude Law portrayed the character of Dior Homme brilliantly.

This is a short version…you can watch the full version on YouTube.

Book Stores Are Closing Down In Muscat !

Reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have. But unfortunately the majority of us here in Oman still haven’t been introduced to the fabulous world of books.
I have received this broadcast from a dear friend of mine today…. I can’t tell you how much it worried me !

“2 bookshops in Muscat have closed down this month, and Boarders has 3 months to meet their targets or face shutdown! This news was very saddening and so I have decided to start a reading campaign through broadcast to encourage everyone to make a habit of reading books, especially amongst the young. And eventually strive to have world class libraries for our local communities. Lets be inspired by this quote “A Nation that Reads is a Nation that Succeeds” 

So please start reading this summer, encourage your kids and other family members to do so as well… have a reading time or try reading at least 2 chapters before bedtime.

If you are still not convinced to read then maybe one of the 8 reasons below might convince you to do so:

  1. Reading helps us to become more cultured : How would we know about the lives of people in South America, or the far East or anywhere else in the world  if we don’t read about them? Reading gives us an insight into the diversity of ethnicity of people all over the world. We get to learn more about their customs, their lifestyles etc…. reading gives clarity about the fundamentals of other religions. This helps us to be more tolerant and respect each other in a better way.
  2. Reading improves our vocabulary: Did you know that reading increases your vocabulary more than talking or listening? Reading forces us to look at words that we might not have seen or heard of before.
  3. Reading builds our confidence: The more we read, the more “au courant” we become. Being up to date with current events helps us to have intelligent conversations with people…This naturally makes us feel more confident.
  4. Reading improves our memory: Many studies show that if we don’t use our memory, we will eventually lose it. Reading helps us stretch our memory muscles because it requires remembering details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes and characters.
  5.  Learn anywhere: Books are portable. We can take our books almost anywhere. Therefore we can learn almost anywhere too.
  6. Reading reduces stress : When we read a book, our minds shift gears. Whats more relaxing than a good book after a long hectic day? Nothing ! A good book can easily distract us and take us to another time and place. Reading a great fiction is perfect right before bed time. (Though I must admit that sometimes it’s hard to put the book down if it’s really good).
  7. Reading gives us a sense of satisfaction:  As a parent reading a bed time story to my children gives me pure joy. Nothing can be more satisfying to me than to sit and read to them a bed time story.
  8.  The book is always better than the movie : (except for The English Patient!).. I have this habit (ever since I was a teenager) to read the book before watching the movie… try doing that with a movie you’re planning to watch next ! You ‘ll find your self understanding the depth of each character much more then someone who hasn’t read the book!

Donna Karan’s Manhattan Home

Donna Karan’s Manhattan apartment forces you to switch off the minute you walk in. It is very “Zen” yet very elegant at the same time… I love the fact that it is minimal in terms of accessories and any sort of decorative elements. The black and white color palette brings a modern and sleek feel to the space where as the layered textiles and art work bring an organic sense to it.

I have to say that my two favorite spaces in the whole apartment are: the private spa room and her balcony with that marvelous view of the beautiful city which has become synonymous with her name.

Sushi Etiquette

My Kids love Japanese food but they still can’t use chopsticks properly and they still need a little help when it comes to some rules and etiquette of eating Sushi… I found this a while back and thought that I’d share it with you…


The only rule so far that we are happily breaking is not having the whole portion of sushi in one bite ! ( the bites in some restaurants are just too big for the kids …. and me! )